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United Nations Organization

1General Assembly
2Security Council
3Econimic and Social Council
4International Court of Justice
5Trusteeship Council
Nr crtOrganisationShortYearHeadquarter
1Economic Commission for EuropeECE1947Geneva, Elvetia
2Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the PacificESCAP1947Bangkok,Thailanda
3Economic Commission for Latin America and the CaribbeanECLAC1948Santiago,Chile
4Economic Commission for AfricaECA1958Addis Abeba,Etiopia
5Economic and Social Commission for Western AsiaESCWA1974Amman,Iordania
Nr crtOrganisationShortYearHeadquarter
1United Nations Centre for Human SettlementsUNCHS1958 Nairobi,Kenya
2United Nations Children's FundUNICEF1964 New York,SUA
3United Nations Conference on Trade and DevelopmentUNCTAD 1964 Geneva,Elvetia
4United Nations Development Programme UNDP 1965 New York,SUA
5United Nations Environment Programme UNEP 1972 Nairobi,Kenya
6United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUNHCR 1951 Geneva,Elvetia
7United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime UNODC 1991 Viena,Austria
8Unrepresented Nations and Peoples OrganizationUNPO New York,SUA
9United Nations Population Fund UNFPA 1967 New York,SUA
10United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near EastUNRWA 1950 Gaza,Israel
11United Nations World Food Programme WFP 1963 Roma,Italia
Nr crtOrganisationShortYearHeadquarter
1Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United NationsFAO1945Roma
2International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA1957Viena
3International Bank for Reconstruction and Development - World BankIBRD-WB1945Washington
3.1International Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentIBRD1945?Washington
3.2International Development AssociationIDA1960 Washington
3.3International Finance CorporationIFC1956 Washington
3.4Multilateral Investment Guarantee AgencyMIGA1988Washington
3.5International Centre for Settlement of Investement DisputesICSID
4International Civil Aviation OrganizationICAO1947 Montreal
5International Fund for Agricultural DevelopmentIFAD1977 Roma
6International Labour OrganisationILO1919,ca agentie specializata ONU din 1946 Geneva
7International Maritime OrganisationIMO1959 Londra
8International Monetary FundIMF1945 Washington
9International Telecommunicaton UnionITU1865,ca agentie specializata ONU din 1865 Geneva
10United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO1946 Paris
11United Nations Industrial Development OrganisationUNIDO1967 Viena
12Universal Postal UnionUPU1874ca agentie specializata ONU din 1948
13World Health OrganisationWHO1958 Geneva
14World Intellectual Property OrganizationWIPO1970,ca agentie specializata ONU din 1974 Geneva
15World Meteorological OrganizationWMO1951Geneva

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