Unnatural principles and laws

Bill Babcock's Law
If an object can be borrow and break, then you will borrow it and break it.

Cohen's law
What really matters is the name you manage to impose on facts, not the facts in itself.

Cohn's law
The more time you spend in reporting on what you are doing, the less time you have to do anything. Stability is achieved when you spend all your time reporting on the nothing you are doing.

Law of Accounting Applied to Social Sciences
If you fail to use careful data, transform the data.

The maximum of computer
A mistake is human, but to tangle things completely requires a computer.

Computer programming laws
1 Any given program when it is running is obsolete.
2 Any program that lasts longer costs more.
3 If a program is useful, it will be changed.
4 If a program is not useful, it will be maintained.
5 Any program extends to fill the entire memory of your computer.
6 The complexity of the program increases until it exceeds the program's capacity to maintain it.

Sevareid's law
The main cause of the problems is the solutions.

Technology Law
The same technology that makes our lives simpler, will make society's life more complex. As we become more specialized, we become more addicted.

Felson's law
Stealing ideas from someone is plagiarism. Stealing them from more is research.

Ellard's law
Those who want to learn will learn. Those who do not want to learn will lead businesses.

The Law of Educators, and Vile
Nobody listens until you make a mistake.

The first law of laboratory work
Hot glass looks just like cold glass.

Finagle's eighth rule
Teamwork is essential. You can blame others.

Einstein's remark
As long as mathematical theorems are related to reality, they are not safe, as long as they are safe, they are not related to reality.

The Law of Confusion Applied
Do not ever contradict the factory with an error. Everything was checked even the missing holes.

Young's Law
All great discoveries were made by mistake.

The higher the discovery, the longer it takes to make the mistake.

Capperfield's law
If you do not understand a word in a technical article, ignore it. The article will sound fine without him.

Student Principles
1 During an exam, the pocket PC battery will be damaged.
2 If one parking space is available, it is the place reserved for the examiner.
3 Exams will always contain questions that have not been discussed in the class.
4 All students who receive the grade 8 will consider that they actually deserve A (10).
5 The alleys on campus are never the shortest line between two points.
6 When the tip of a pencil breaks, the closest abraser is 1000 km away.
7 5 minutes before the break, a student will ask a question that requires a 10-minute response.
8 If a course requires prior training, the student does not have it.
9 The office space and the salaries of faculty administrators are inversely proportional to those of teachers.
10 Poor deaf students will have instructors who mumble.
11 He who can do it, he who does not do the same.
12 When a student prepares his seminar perfectly, the assistant will not check his training.
13 All math hours start at 6 AM, as well as movies.
14 Students who get A (10) at a course will say that the teacher is a sibling.
15 If a teacher says "it's obvious," it's obviously not.
16 If a student has to learn will claim that the course is sbsolut unnecessary.

The law of Ogden Nash
Progress may have been good once, but it took too long.

Simon's Destiny's Law
Glory may disappear, but obscurity is eternal.

Emerson's observation
In every brilliant work we recognize the ideas we have abandoned.

Gray's law, of bilateral symmetry in networks
Information is efficiently transmitted to organizations, except that bad news encounters big obstacles in moving up.

John Adams's Law of Erosion
Once the erosion of power begins, the process has an extraordinary momentum.

Putt's Law
Technology is dominated by two kinds of people: those who understand what they do not, and those who lead what they do not understand.

Patton's Law
A good plan today is better than a perfect tomorrow.

Greshman's Law
Small business needs are resolved promptly, important issues are never solved.

Juhani's Law
Compromise will always be more expensive than any of the suggestions it compromises.

Parkins Postulate
The bigger they are - they do not import who - they hit harder.

Colvard's logical premises
All probabilities are 50% or one thing will happen or not.

Cheit's lamentation
If you help a friend in need, he will surely remember you at the first occasion when he needs it again.

Meader's law
Whatever happens to you has already happened to everyone. But more.

The old law of the engineer
The bigger and most important the project, the less time it takes to get it done.

Gordon's first law
If a research project is not worth doing, then it is not worth doing

Hein's law
Issues that deserve to be attacked prove their value only when they attack
in their turn.

The rule of the historian
A competent historian can show any event once it has occurred
Was inevitable.

Thumb postulate
A fake easy to understand is more useful than a truth
Complex and incomprehensible.

The scientist's theorem
No matter what the scientists are doing, they always get a weapon.

Axioma of Wiliam James
The word dog did not bite.

Confectionery Law
The product you looked for when you went into the confectionery will be taken by
The person in front of you.

Hutchinson's law
If a situation requires a special attention, another will occur
Destroy you.

The rule of Wallace Wood's drawing
1. Never draw what you can copy.
2. Do not copy what you can draw.
3. Do not pull what you can cut and paste.

Murphy's law
If there is a possibility that something goes down, things will evolve into
This sense.

1.Nothing is as easy as it may seem.
2. Anything takes longer than you think.
3. Among the many things that can go anapoda will be the one who
Produces the greatest loss [..].

Murphy's constant
Things deteriorate directly in proportion to their value.

Scott's postulate
If an error is discovered and remedied in time, we will find that
Before remediation was more correct.

Quoted review of Murphy's law
Things get a sudden unexpected turn.

Chisholm's third law
Whoever makes a proposal always understands it differently than everyone else.

Finagle's third law
In any data collection, the figure is obviously correct, which is no longer certain
Verified, is wrong.

Sodd's first law
When someone is serious about a job

Boob's Law
You always find something in the last place you're looking for.

Post to Show
They create such systems that even an idiot can use - with
Safety will only be used by idiots.

Paul's law
You can not fall off the floor.

Bell's theorem
When a body is immersed in the water, the phone rings.

The principle of meetings (of Ruby)
The likelihood of meeting someone known grows when you are with
Someone you do not want to be seen with.

Willonghlov's law
When you try to prove to someone that a car does not work, it will

Fowler's note
The only imperfect thing in nature is the human race.

Churchill's comment on man
Man is sometimes obstructed by the truth, but most often he rises
Follow the road.

White theorem
The sooner and most unassumingly announce the bad news, the more

Parker's law
Beauty has the thickness of the skin, but the hatefulness reaches the bone.

Law of the Preservation of Evil, Issami
The total amount of harm remains constant in any system.

Parker's law of political affirmations
The truth of an affirmation has nothing to do with her credibility
vice versa.

Cole's Axioma
The amount of intelligence on the planet is constant, but the population is continually

Hellrung's law
If you wait, what you expect will disappear.

Adding Grelb
If it was bad, it will come back.

Grossman's law
Complex problems have easy to find and understand answers, but

The concept of Ducharme
The opportunity will knock at the door in the least appropriate moment.

Flug's law
When you need to knock on wood, you notice that the world is made of aluminum
And vinyl.

Imbesi's law of dirt conservation
For something to become clean, something else has to become dirty.

Freeman's extension
... but you can dirty it all without cleaning anything.

Note: These laws do not apply in the U.S.

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