Economic comparisons between
United States of America and European Union

Name United States of America
Territorial form country
Administrative form republic
Continent America
Area 9 372 614 km2
Population 308 000 000
Administrative divisions states
The number of states 51
The capital Washington DC
The year acquiring of independence 1776
The document that founded the establishment The Declaration of Independence

Name European Union
Territorial form union of countries
Political structure a hybrid intergovernmental and supranational organization
Administrative form union
Continent Europe
Area 3 798 200 km2
Population 501 000 000 loc
Administrative divisions independent countries
The number of countries 27
The capital Strasbourg/Bruxelles
The year acquiring of independence 1951
The document that founded the establishment The Maastricht Treaty
Criteria for general comparisons
Nr. crt.DescriptionReferencesDocumentation yearUSA [p]EU [p]
1In the top 13 largest banks in the world, the first European bank BNP Paribas ranks 3rd while the first american bank J.P. Morgan Chase ranks 8th
2The most profitable company in the world in 2013 is Apple, an american company, not europeanCNN Money201310
3General Motors led global vehicle sales for 77 consecutive years from 1931 through 2007, longer than any other automaker from world including the European UnionInternet201310
4Airport with the highest passenger traffic in the world (world's busiest airport), in the period 2001 to 2013 is United States Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, located in the U.S. not the EU.Airports Council International (ACI)201310
5World's busiest airport by cargo traffic - in the period 2002-2009 was Memphis International Airport, after 2010, fell to second place but still above EU airports.Airports Council International (ACI)201310
6The most powerful supercomputer in the U.S. - Titan (Cray) - 27113 petaflops. The most powerful supercomputer in the EU - JUQUEEN (IBM Germany) - 5872 petaflops. See the big difference of F.L.O.P.S. and the fact that IBM is an American company!Internet201310
7The United States is registered 13 deaths in 37 cases of cancer, and the European Union is registered 13 deaths in 30 cases of cancerRomania Libera newspaper - online edition201310
8In air transportation, for every 1000 passengers, 14 bags went missing in the EU, compared with about five in the USEuropean Comission,
9United States has demonstrated technological superiority: NSA was able to spy calls German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European officials for at least 10 years without European espionage services to realize that.Internet, Mass Media201310
10The largest hypermarket chain in the world is WalMart American company based in Bentonville, Arkansas USA. The second is the retail company Carrefour, the European Union, based in Levallois-Perret, France.Internet201110
11The largest particle accelerator is in the European Union not the U.S.Internet201001
12The largest software companies are Microsoft and Oracle USA, European SAP III rankingForbes Global 2000201010
13The largest software company Oracle - an american company - sued SAP - the largest software company in the European Union, and won, the reason being that European programmers from TomorrowNow, a SAP division, made thousands of copies of protected software copyright obtained through illegal access to electronic materials available on the websites of Oracle customer support.Internet,
14In august 2008 and december 2009 september the Louise Weiss building ceiling, one of the headquarters of the EU parliament in Strasbourg, collapsed (2 times). In the U.S., it never collapsed ceiling of the Capitol - the seat where Congress operates. Note that the European Parliament building did not have 10 years since it was built, so it was relatively new.Internet, Mass Media201010
15In 2007 the European Parliament building in Strasbourg found an alarming amount of asbestos. In 2002 the current water plant found bacteria that cause legionellosis. Such problems is dangerous to health, specific to poor countries. In the U.S. Capitol, where Congress carries out its work, there were no such incidents.Internet, EU Observer201010
16The United States made ​​the transition to fully digital television and HD before EU countries - which some countries still use analogue televisionInternet200810
17With the increase in world oil prices, the European Union states were most affected; protest movements have emerged in all EU countries. Do the same thing happened in the U.S.. National oil reserves of the United States is large enough so that were no protest movement.TV Romania 1200210
18The importance of the U.S. President is higher than the EU president. U.S. President get involved in global issues to the world, the European Union president involve much in Union problemsMass Media, Television200210
19Number of presidential assassinations is higher in the U.S. than in the EUContemporary history200201
20Most web servers and most free and paid Internet services are in the U.S. not the EU.Romania Libera newspaper, Radio Free Europe200210
21Electronic commerce is more developed in the U.S. than in the European UnionRadio Romania Actualitati, Radio Free Europe200210
22The first national reservation in the world - Yellowstone - USATV Romania 1200110
23In Yellowstone, the fire had positive effects on nature. In the European Union, the fire damaging effects on vegetation. Fire in Yellowstone park of XIX century, experts say, has had positive effects on vegetation in the area. So something is not happened in EuropeTV Romania 1, documentary in hungarian language200110
24In the U.S. was founded the first city in the world where over 30% of the energy is solar (Sacramento). Nowhere in the European Union there is a city to be fed at a rate greater than 30% by solar energy, which apparently is the energy of future,when liquid fuels will disappearTV Romania 1200110
25In the European Union there are the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, so the european peoples still need reconstruction and development. In the United States doesn't exist the American Bank for Reconstruction and Development.Mass media200110
26In the U.S. invented the Internet with the advent of the ARPANET nodes interconnected in April 1969: three universities and a research institute, all American not European. The solution to connect several computer systems occurs at Stanford University, U.S. Internet200110
27Most Nobel Prizes has achieved in the U.S., not the EU.Romania Libera, Internet200110
28Television music channel MTV (America) (1981) was created before the MTV Europe (1987)Internet200110
29In the top 100 most influential IT companies in the world, most U.S. companies are not EUPC Magazine Romania200110
30The websites of U.S. universities have .edu extension, but the EU university websites have extension It is normal for an educational institution to have .edu ICANN200110
31Number of U.S. astronauts launched into space is greater than the number of cosmonauts launched by the EUTelevision200110
32Company V-SYNC (Japan) which produces electronic tape fiber optic system POD MUSIC has announced that by 2005 will be marketed 50000 also tape in Europe, 20000 in Korea and 70000 in the U.S.. So 70000>50000. Romania Libera newspaper200110
33Leadership in education and scientific research is holds b U.S., which allocate the highest percentage of GDP of all countries, including the European UnionRomania Libera newspaper200110
34U.S. Statue of Liberty was built by France, so the European Union.Internet200101
35UN Headquarters - intergovernmental organization which includes most countries in the world - is located in New York U.S. not in European Union.Internet200110
36NATO Headquarters - intergovernmental military alliance that includes, among others, EU countries and the USA is headquartered in Brussels the European Union and not in the United States.Internet200101
37Number of skyscrapers in the U.S. is higher than in the European Unionskyscraperpage.com200110
38The largest megalopolis in the European Union - Blue Banana (Liverpool-Manchester-Leeds-Birmingham-London-Brussels-Antwerp-Amsterdam-Rotterdam-The Hague-Luxembourg-Rhine-Ruhr-Frankfurt am Main-Munich-Stuttgart-Strasbourg-Basel-Zürich-Turin-Milan) (110 million inhabitants) is greater than the largest megalopolis in the U.S. (Great Lakes (54 million inhabitants in 2000 59 million in 2012) - which includes the cities of Canada, or North East Megalopolis - 49.6 million inhabitants)Internet, OECD200101
39For the first time ever a country president addressed to the people directly through the Internet, and this happened in the U.S., not in EUTV Romania 1200110
40The first country in the world that was passed from the industrial revolution era to informational era is U.S. (Bill Clinton's statement to CNN, 2000)CNN200110
41The tallest building , which is inhabited up to the top floor is located in Chicago, USA, and not in the European Unionskyscraperpage.com200010
42Independent radio station Free Europe is funded by the U.S. Congress and the CIA and not by the EU. At least even editorial boards for the languages ​​of Eastern Europe, from 1950 to 1990 should be financed by the European Union.Radio Free Europe199510
Score for general topics of comparisons366
Criteria for economic comparisons
Nr. crt.The items of comparisonReferencesDocumentation yearUSAEUUSA [p]EU [p]
1Number of chars in english nameWorldFactbook20072211310
3Surface [km2]WorldFactbook20079826630432478210
4Nr of big cities >= 5 000 000 inhabitantsWorldFactbook20070000
5Budget revenues [trillion]WorldFactbook20072.568010
6Budget expenditures [trillion]WorldFactbook20072.73010
7GDP - purchasing power parity [trillion]WorldFactbook200713.8414.3801
8GDP - official exchange rate [trillon]WorldFactbook200713.8416.6201
9GDP - real growth rate [%]WorldFactbook20072.2301
10GDP - PPP per capita WorldFactbook2007458003230010
11Industrial production growth rate [%]WorldFactbook20070.52.701
12Electricity production [trillion kWh]WorldFactbook20074.0623.0210
13Electricity consumption [trillion kWh]WorldFactbook20073.8162.8210
14Oil production [million bbl/day]WorldFactbook20078.3222.87410
15Oil consumption [million bbl/day]WorldFactbook200720.814.5510
16Natural gas production [billion cu m]WorldFactbook2007490.8215.410
17Natural gas consumption [billion cu m]WorldFactbook2007604496.110
18Telephones main lines in use [million]WorldFactbook200717223801
19Telephones mobile cellular [million]WorldFactbook200725546601
20AM broadcast stationsWorldFactbook2007478993010
21FM broadcast stationsWorldFactbook200789611365501
22SW broadcast stationsWorldFactbook2007197101
23Television broadcast stations WorldFactbook20072218010
24Internet hosts [million]WorldFactbook200728250.510
25Internet users [million]WorldFactbook200722324701
28Railways [km]WorldFactbook200722661223643601
29Roadways [km]WorldFactbook20076430366526916310
30Waterways [km]WorldFactbook2007410095233201
31Highways [km]WorldFactbook20070000
Score for economic comparison criteria1712
Overal totals
Total score5318

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