The Egyptian Pyramids and the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

          We hear a lot lately about the Egyptian Pyramids, constructions built in the Antiquity. The possibility of building gigantic simple walls is not that hard to understand, because, as they are pyramid - shaped, top up, gravity is not scientifically defeated.
Ancient people were so backward, from the civilization point of view, that they accepted the fact that they should build "gravitationally simple" constructions for their leaders, on top of their tombs. What is the purpose of these constructions? Why did the Pharaohs want these stone pyramids built for? In order to impress the future evolved civilizations, in order to show off, more precisely!
So, these senseless and stupid constructions, built by extremely backward civilizations, still manage to bother the nowadays scientists, who are able to design far more "intelligent" constructions, more complex from the gravitational point of view (as for example the New York and Sidney sky - scrapers). There's even more: these constructions, made by backward people who did nothing more but use their strong arms and backs, had such an influence on contemporary civilizations, that we still keep them in perfect shape. They should have been destroyed long ago using (to show off, of course!) the atomic bomb and other nuclear devices. Not to mention that there are people who travel for thousands of kilometers in order to see the pyramids! What is more beautiful, a pyramid or a sky - scraper? Instead of the pyramids, we could have built something far more intelligent.
What are the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? Creations of the prehistoric or protohistoric past, built with the purpose of impressing the intelligence of the future.

Dan Mihaiu, 1999

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