World Trade Center and Western Civilization

Tuesday September 11, 2001
Were 17.30 (GMT +2) I'm watching on TV initially thinking that it's a movie. Soon I realized that was the end of a report of ongoing events, events worthy of sensational action movies.
As expected the Western world took seriously panic. Indeed it is terrible to see such high peaks American civilization and technology are falling for stupid reasons.
The next day there was no newspaper in the world to debate attacks on the front page story yesterday. But they are journalists, this is their profession. All the news television channels in the world led by CNN, CBS News and the news EuroNews began with images of New York. All national and local radio stations and all radio services world debating the same thing: America in terror. But more terrible than disasters (insignificant for the existence of U.S. power) is what came from, because the authors who are suspected of terrorist attacks.
Now entering in the stage, the civilization of the Middle East. Something had to happen so Western society has an interest in culture and Islamic religion, and the Afghan civilization.
Afghanistan existed and before September 11, 2001, but in the middle of advanced civilization there are no interest for geography and peoples knowledge in southwest Asia. The ordinary man in the European Union, USA or Canada not interest him anything about oriental culture and civilization. Afghanistan was a country about which most people without administrative or territorial functions did not know almost nothing, not even geographic location. For example, a team of reporters of Romanian television sometime interview a few people in Chicago if they have even heard of Romania. They were Americans who did not even know in what continent is Romania placed.
American business people should not feel affected by the terrorist attacks before September 11 if their business plans acted in the people who know the geographic position of all countries in Asia or Africa for example. Naturally, African countries have no connection with the events of September 11, but no one thought that extreme poverty can still be a danger to the world once rich in every way, from the West.
Throughout history, people of Earth have experienced more critical situations, such mass killing of Jews or bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On September 11, happily died less than 10 000 people - the U.S. population exceeds 300 million.
For the heroes of terrorist attacks in super-civilised people there are gathered the biggest stars in the movie and music from U.S. and UK in a concert with donations, but for the death of people of Hiroshima, Nagasaki or the Holocaust have not played one in New York (the most influential city in the world). Doesn't matter if they played in Tokyo or Berlin.
What can be easily fooled the world, be it and the Western people. As you look at Pearl Harbor must be impressed by a similar action to that reality desfasurata in the film. So we can conclude that if an alien ship would attack a large American city - Washington DC or New York when the western world and not only would forget again on Independence Day. And yet in the table.
However, public spaces between the seats of planes that had crashed into World Trade Center were much cleaner as muddy country roads and dust in rural areas located in disadvantaged countries on Earth. And on these roads when traveling WTC towers aircraft collision people. Who was happier, the seat of the plane while approaching in a fantastic symbol of American high technology or those traveling through the dirt roads at the time of disadvantaged states (eg in Eastern Europe or Middle East)? The answer is easily given as long as no one is guilty he was born in New York or in village X, Y common in a country which New York civilization has not heard. And no Puerto Rican community in New York City (for example).
The extent of losses of September 11 in Los Angeles has hampered the concert is given for 2001 Grammy in solidarity with the disaster but two Manhattan skyscrapers will be built in record time, their existence was interrupted only briefly . However economic and social disasters have managed to stop the development of an event too advanced. I wonder, an equivalent event in the European Union have the power to stop the concert in Los Angeles?
And Sears Tower official site has been temporarily suspended in solidarity with smaller towers of New York.
I personally am glad that they were not attacked Paramount Pictures who gave the world the whole Star Trek.
And to amplify that fell inferiority in the Western community and beyond, words such as: Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden, or Islamic are the top searched words on Google, Altavista and Yahoo.
Guilt is said to belong to tagedie Americans. A serious security at World Trade Center could prevent two planes near skyscrapers. What security can be called that which has had as long as the Pentagon can not cope with only danger safe - air attack. If they were instantly diverted planes 5-10, all sides could be destroyed in seconds without even the Pentagon that have elicoptierele guard off the ground for six. Same with the World Trade Center, a watch equipped with the latest modern technology to avoid radar detection near the aircraft.
New York Times does not even mentions the GoldenStag 2001 - Golden Stag International Festival in Brasov, Romania.
More terrible is that something bad had to happen for Western civilization to think about the existence of civilization than their lower.

Dan Mihaiu, 2002

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