Time traps. Time returning and penetration in the future


Time traps

If we don't want to play with the physical time ,it does. An example would be in the "Time traps" from Star Trek. The study of the phenomena which occur instantaneously (for example an explosion) could be possible by breacking time, rewind and then play forward but with lower speed - depending of the operator desire.

The creation of an artificial time allows the persons involved in dangerous activities for life to eliminate every risk. Even for example something will happen, all the events would derulate in an artificial time controlled by humans; the subject would be blocked in his natural time for a limited and determinated period of time. This way the notion of ghost will have other meanings, for example ghost would be that person who, living in an artificial time would enter in the natural time of other persons for whom she is a ghost.

The most sensational events from the next centuries would have as base the time traps.

The fatal breacking of the natural time could elongate a moment ( equal with the period of time developed by a time particle) to the endless, by breacking simultanely the imbricated time. If the time would be made of particles then it would exist the opposite antiparticles. What would happen then at the conjunction between a cronon and anticronon ?

Dan Mihaiu, 1999

Text tanslated by Dorin Bercea

Time returning and penetration in the future


The possibilities of controlling the time "flowing" phenomenon are almost non - existent for the 200th decade people. The reason is very easy to explain: with the existent research means we can't establish exactly the nature of the physical time.

The chemical elements are formed of atoms, the substance is formed of molecules. Light is made of photons, the atom consists of elementary particles, and the proton is formed of quarks, as is the neutron, all the matter is made of elementary particles. Physical light is part of the matter, so why shouldn't we consider time as being "something" physical, a form of physical existence? We discovered that the magnetic field is also formed of physical particles - the gravitons. Any interaction field (i.e. electromagnetic) is formed of elementary physical particles. So, every form of existence of the physical space is formed of physical particles that share the same property: they exist. We can also consider that the absolute void is in fact "ether", if this void is something that "exists" and if it occupies a volume of the physical space. The Star Trek science accepts the existence of the sub - space and it seems that in the remote future we would be able to penetrate the "infinity" - the physical infinity, as big as it is (if we accept the notion of "small infinity" as standing for the world of the elementary particles and the "big infinity" as standing for the world of galaxies).

We can assume that time is formed of temporary physical particles (!), called chronons, measured on one dimension, that is the fourth dimension of the space - time axis. The chronon can be attributed numerical values rendered physically in ato - seconds (femato - seconds, pico - seconds, nano - seconds.) or in smaller multiples of the second. If time is only one dimension, than he can't be "localized" in the tri - dimensional space. Concerning the last theory, i.e. time is a real system that exists "from the beginning and to the end", or totally and entirely in the physical universe, we can make some comments. If time "exists entirely" than there must be a beginning and an end. So every moment exists at the same time with the others. For example, if we suppose that the construction of a spaceship begins today, we can act in such a way as to see the spaceship ended; that means that we could transfer to another time, somewhere in the future (but in the same temporal whole) where we would see the ship ended.

Should we be able to transfer from one time to another, we would be able to choose to live our life only during the years favorable to us - and that would happen infinitely!!! Once out of the current time and placed on another temporal coordinates, we couldn't be able to return to the same current time.

We suppose that the past, the current time and the future are temporary independent formations. Then the penetration into the past is possible, but we would be mere spectators, not being able to change anything of the course of events, and the civilizations of the past wouldn't be able to detect us. Penetration into the future would be impossible, because, if we only imagine, somewhere in the future, negative events, as catastrophes and wars that could be prevented so that they would not take place, it would be so easy for us, from the current time, to prevent those unfavorable events! Thus the events of the future would not exist anymore because we have changed them, so what we saw would be false images of the future!

Should we be inhuman, inactive and unreal spectators, we could probably research the "temporal whole", but then we should first detect the current time or the present and then to research the past and the future without modifying anything in the present.

In some episodes of the Star Trek series the characters talk about temporal transfers, auxiliary time, thus the idea seems to be realizable, since it can be explained scientifically.

Dan Mihaiu, 1999


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