The chances to save your soul

Every human could have the chance to save the own soul after the physical death. This is only theoretic because o person who lives in the town has more chances to be forgiven, while the persons who live in villages, surrounded by an infernal environment can hardly accomplish the conditions of saving their souls.

In the urban area the physical life is regular, so it exists enough time to take care of the salvation of the soul. Here you can go to any church in any situation, it doesn't matter the weather conditions.

The necessity of having a paid work, as Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen declaims, implies financial resources necessary for buying of religious books, in the normal life it doesn't give you the possibility to slander, or to do other sins. Everything depends on the conditions of the persons and then of her wish. Here, in the "village's dirty", the weather's conditions are completely against the human: one rainy day implies endless mud so the road from home to the church becomes impossible to walk on, without taking into consideration that the mud involves the outside aspect of the person.

In the countryside, the existence of the domesticated animals implies to take care even on Sundays so this can be a sin, and missing of time to go to pray in dedicated institutions can be another one. Also, the existence of this silly animals implies the action of injurious behavior for almost all the people in the rural environment, so this can be a mortal sin .
The worst is that in the countryside there are many ghosts which force humans to do sins, these spirits being send by God, so people from the countryside are exposed to horrible tests for long time for their faithfulness to be proved. Besides, the people from countryside suffers the most from the activities made by the spirits who came from Hell. But in towns spirits are scared to came closer to the civilized people, so they haven't suffer because of them. In the countryside, if a people wants to be really saved there occurs a lot of obstacles, especially from the part of the bad spirits but also because of the infernal life that they have. So the people from the countryside are forced to make sins, while in towns the making of a sin depends of the whish of the people implied.

All the metropolitans and patriarchal cathedrals from the orthodox world: the patriarchy from Constantinople, the catholic cathedral "St-Pierre" from Vatican-Rome are placed in the biggest cities as in the urban areas.

Dan Mihaiu, 1999


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