Extraterrestrial civilizations.

Observatii in legatura cu fenomenul OZN pe Terra

There are numerous proves in dedicated publications that attest the existence of thinking beings outside of our planet. Why the articles about aliens' existence must be sensational? They point upon real cases less studied by our (world'!!!) scientists fascinated by the idea that alien thinking life can be a pertinent truth. Of course, theoretically speaking, their existence is a self-property, they are not alive for us, but for themselves. Our interest about them, our opinion and degree of comprehension about alien life do not interfere their existence. So, it become a legitimate question about: "Why this peculiar beings arrived from strange planets don't try to contact us directly?" Our opinion is that the answer is hypothetical, and presumes a few of cases:

--- extraterrestrials don't want to communicate with us because of strategic motives an security considerations. Concerning technology they are more advanced than us (at least some of them are) and they don't want us to know their technologies. They leave us to work alone in order to reach their level of

civilization. Their aim is to learn everything about out level of intelligence, our speed of reaction, our attitude towards paranormal phenomena, our level of technology, the chemical composition of our organism, the macroscopic structure of the human species, the possibilities of survival, the level of activity of matter in the surroundings of the solar system and in the vicinity of the only inhabitable planet Earth they are most interested in the structure of the biosphere and in many other things.

---the unconcordance of time measuring systems: being far away from their origin, they have other methods of measuring time if they are going to contact us they'll do it after a few " days" or "weeks" in their time measuring system, what could be for us some decades.

--- the aliens can manipulate the physical time in their benefits; The time would have became a handle in their hands so we need a period of time during dozens of years or even centuries to develop and prepare such methods to contact them. They maybe don't want to frighten us or to be accepted as supernatural power owners.

--- there are many planets which can be lived in the galaxy (and in the Universe) so every planet sends some representatives to examine us, but thanks to some possible politic agreements Between civilizations they put off (postpone: adjourn) the moment when they'll introduce themselves to us and other civilizations more or less civilized than us.

--- aliens want to see first our reaction at their appearance and then they will contact us, but maybe later.

--- they wait as we to arrive at the maturity in order to understand their level of thinking and to outface to new techologies , now unknown to us

--- the big difference between our and their systems of communication (it's the equal of communication between an animal and the thinking human being , or between 2 animals of different genders)

--- if we accept the aliens like some "intelligent animals", then their purpose isn't to be in touch with us, but only to steal what they'll need later

--- they wait that we connect them when we manage to their level of civilization

--- the possibility that some of the aliens belong to another time (they made a time returning for example) so they can't change anything in our time (equivalent from temporal point of view with their history), because through direct communication with them we could understand that we aren't alone in the Universe, what in the history that they know never happened.

--- some alien species who have the purpose to explore (study) all unadvanced (undeveloped) civilizations, neglect us now, because there are many more civilizations much more interesting and, maybe, more civilized

--- they are not going to make themselves known because they want to conquer the planet, to destroy us, to happen what is said in the Apocalypse, but this theory is probably out of the question from the orthodox religion point of view

What can you say about the movie "Independence Day"!!!

Dan Mihaiu, 1999


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