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Record no. 76 22.02.2008 13:03:00
Name: VoincTorpiork Location: Germany
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Good site.

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Name: hj Location:
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Name: Kelly Location: United States
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Name: Liz Location: Spain
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Name: Sharon Location: United States
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Name: Kelly Location: Canada
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Record no. 69 05.02.2006 22:39:00
Name: noiheij Location: New York
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You have a nice site!

Record no. 68 16.11.2005 14:33:00
Name: Shawn Location: USA
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Record no. 67 14.04.2005 22:56:00
Name: Andrew ch Tommasson Location: Acqui Terme Italy Piemont Alexandria district
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Record no. 66 26.03.2005 14:37:00
Name: Alina Location:
Website: Reference:
It would be nicer for your website if you removed that inaccurate sentence at the bottom of your main page or at least corrected it.Or have you deliberately written it in that way?To the rest, everything is lovely.
Good luck.

Record no. 65 25.09.2004 12:36:00
Name: aty Location: Romania
Website: Web Organic Reference: Found using a search engine.
nice structure !!! clean interface

Record no. 64 07.08.2004 12:45:00
Name: laura Location:
Website: Reference: From a friend.
Vrei s√£ faci milioane √ģntr-o lun√£ ? CINE PRICEPE SI CREDE, FACE BANI USOR SI REPEDE.( si legal) . esti interesat/a trebuie decat sa imi trimiti un mail cu titlul "rog Detalii " si iti voi spune mai multe acolo spun ca merita ..!

Record no. 63 26.06.2004 16:05:00
Name: Simon Location:
Website: Infoweb Reference:
Cool site, I like the design

Record no. 62 26.05.2004 13:15:00
Name: xxx Location:
Website: Reference:
This is a site and a guestbook for dictionaries in romanian language ?
What you think about the romanian online dictionaries from:

Record no. 61 25.05.2004 05:18:00
Name: mario lozada Location:
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it's totally awesome

Record no. 60 08.05.2004 18:48:00
Name: Steff Location: Milan, Italy, EU
Website: Reference: Found using a search engine.
I forgot to thank you. Yes man, I wanna thank you for all the shit you wrote about US-EU. You should add that an average European guy knows better the rest of the world than an average American. Europe is not yet a superpower and will never be. It's gonna be more like a super-peacekeeper. "United in diversity" is the EU motto, superpowers don't respect minorities...

I swear I'll become a catholic priest the day I'll see an African-American president of the US and a former communist at the Pentagon...

Record no. 59 08.05.2004 18:18:00
Name: Steff Location: Milan, Italy, EU
Website: Reference: Found using a search engine.
I’ve just read your comparison between the US and the EU. It’s a cool work, very interesting, though I think you could improve it. Don’t you think that aspects such as the number of heliports, airports, the lenght of highways, railways, etc is related to the fact that the US are bigger than the EU? In Europe urban areas are very close to each other, while in the US some communities are in the middle of nowhere! I really don’t think that those criteria are helpful. My opinion is that you should focus more on macroeconomics and consumers tendencies as you did partially (gdp, inflation, # of internet users...)
By the way Italians eat more spaghetti, drive more motor scooters and own more cell-phones...Americans spend a lot of time on a car to go to work...Italians spend the same amount of time to find a parking space! Are those criteria of development? I hate cell-phones!!!

Record no. 58 03.05.2004 22:58:00
Name: Cori Location: United States
Website: Reference: Found using a search engine.
First I believe that the information you "researched" may contain some facts, but how old is this info? Why is it important on a global level? Also, you just "listed" items rather than explained them. Your research is incomplete.

Second, I feel that as a "typical" American you would have nothing better to do with your time than make already hated Americans more hated by posting such irrational information; tall buildings, mtv and other gibberish...please, what makes you think those things contribute or make a superpower at all?!!! I for one, as an American, feel you have misrepresented my idea of a "superpower" and misrepresented Americans and their beliefs in general. Not all Americans feel as you.

I suggest you refrain from such further "research" before you offend additional people. For the most part, and from reading feedback from others, they are feeble minded people who just probably "took your word for it" and went about their day.


Record no. 57 27.04.2004 13:19:00
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