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Record no. 48 26.01.2004 06:41:00
Name: TUTURUGA_batelor Location: ibaraki,japan
Website: Reference: Found using a search engine.
i just want to now this page

Record no. 47 14.12.2003 22:12:00
Name: alin Location:
Website: Reference: From a friend.
buna ziua
vreau si eu sa traduc o carte de la motor care este in germana
si imi trebuie la rar
ma poate ajuta cineva
va multumesc

Record no. 46 21.11.2003 19:10:00
Name: Costin Anton Location: Bucuresti/Romania
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Record no. 45 02.11.2003 19:47:00
Name: Miklos Location: beius
Website: Lucrare2000 Reference: Linked from another site.

I like you site, because I find some interesting pages about Star Trek.
I am a Star Trek fan too.
I am from Beius.
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By, and live long.

Record no. 44 05.09.2003 13:50:00
Name: Jasmine Merhie Location: Tr
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Record no. 43 26.08.2003 06:21:00
Name: ivan Location: Miami,Florida,USA
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Record no. 42 10.08.2003 04:07:00
Name: Claudia Location: USA
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Record no. 41 15.07.2003 13:46:00
Name: Martina Location: Germany
Website: Play and Sing in English Reference: Found using a search engine.
Hi! What is the purpose you compare the USA and the European Union for? To suggest that Romania should rather join the USA than the EU? And why is it so important for you to "prove" that the US are the only superpower? To justify everything they do all over the world? So dropping nuclear bombs on Japan was okay for you to prevent greater damage... Well, historians all around the globe point out that Japan (and Germany) had lost that stupid war before US bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And to everybody who does not know what the cited World Factbook is: You find it at
Well - interesting site anyway...

Record no. 40 12.07.2003 00:00:00
Name: vlad Location:
Website: Reference:
e un site foarte inteligent

Record no. 39 07.07.2003 21:20:00
Name: Odinn Location: ICELAND
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Very good website you are running here, send you and your visitors my best greetings.
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Record no. 38 01.06.2003 11:00:00
Name: Masahiro OTSUKA Location: Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR
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Record no. 37 28.05.2003 08:23:00
Name: TOT CRISTI Location: USA......Atlanta
Website: Reference:
......auzi am omis sa iti spun ca sunt varza la ora asta......rupt hehhehhe sunt prea high ca sa m-a teleportez aproape intr-un spatziu fizic echidistant si asimetric celui creat de tine virtual...sunt in trei planuri care coincid si se intersecteaza reciproc la intervale de timp care echivaleaza cu rotatia unui ion de potasiu in jurul propriei axe.......

Record no. 36 28.05.2003 08:06:00
Name: CRISTI Location: USA...........Atlanta
Website: Reference: Linked from another site.
.......tovarashie.......mishto siteul tau mor..auzi sunt cu tine pe aceeasi lungime de pe toate planurile:)>>>>ca sa nu mai spun ca sunt si sagetator:).iti urez succes in tot ce faci si bafta>>iti spun EU ca o sa reusesti in oricefaci si la orice te gandesti ti-i se va indeplinii

Record no. 35 28.05.2003 03:36:00
Name: KC Location: Australia
Website: Reference: From a chatroom.
Hi my name is kc and i love your web site i hope you can send me a prize pack or something or write to me at

Record no. 34 21.05.2003 12:21:00
Name: Carla Location:
Website: Hajimeru Reference: forum
bah! scoate beculetele alea ca ma dor ochii! xD

Record no. 33 16.04.2003 18:51:00
Name: LBogdan Location: Bucuresti, Romania
Website: Dacoda Road Forwarding Reference: Found using a search engine.
Dacoda SRL provides you road forwarding and transportation in Romania and the European Union, any toneage, even one-way. Storage and warehousing available in Bucuresti, Timisoara and Cluj.
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Record no. 32 05.04.2003 17:24:00
Name: sory Location: tg lapus maramures romania
Website: Reference:
hy you are cool

Record no. 31 15.03.2003 01:29:00
Name: Neo Location: Romani, Constanta
Website: Neo's World Reference: Linked from another site.
Do you want some cool wallpapers? With Dragons?
Please visit and there you will find: free mp3s, patches, software and many more.

Record no. 30 26.01.2003 15:01:00
Name: Stefan Ioachim Location: Rm. Valcea, Romania
Website: Reference: Found using a search engine.
Bag de seama ca esti cu USA mai mult decat cu UE, adevarat ?

Mi-e imi plac americanii, asa ca oameni, ca oameni de stiinta, de afaceri, etc. dar nu si ceea ce tine de (in)cultura lor, in afara filmelor SF, StarTrek nu ?, si altor genuri de filme.
Cu toate ca n-am vazut vreun oras american, nici european, totusi nu-mi plac betoanele si aluminiul din America, prefer stilul oraselor vest-central-europene (romanic + gotic + baroc). Nu-mi place nici stilul muzicii americane, nici sporturile nationale americane. Autori americani am citit doar Stephen King, europeni mai multi.
Material e mai bine in USA, spiritual tot Europa da tonul in lume.

Mult noroc si vizitatori pe site.

Record no. 29 15.01.2003 05:36:00
Name: Some Guy Location: Canada
Website: Reference: Found using a search engine.
Your page concerning the comparison of the USA and the European Union is very bias. Things like the Internet and the Space program would not get very far without AC power or computers, both discovered/invented by Europeans. AC power was discovered by Nikola Tesla who was born in Serbia. The first computer was developed by Alan Turing to decode German intelligence messages. You give credit to the USA for things like MTV, but without the Canadian invention of television, MTV would not be around. Also, Europe is far more advanced socially than other areas because of many different nationalities in close quarters, unlike in the USA's conformist melting pot.
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