Excerpt of futurology

Humans with their nowadays technology could not get in touch with the other civilizations only after 40 -50 years. But the imagination can explode the limits of the reality; overloaded by the scientific rigor, we, Earth's habitants, can only imagine events possible in the future.

The most representative thing that the human beings made is the SF films, especially those of Star Trek style. For example Star Trek - The Next Generation the human beings became already "aliens" for themselves. Imagine a war between the habitants of at least 2 galaxies ! With the technology of those times (year 2300) would be a cosmic disaster. As a matter of fact the stars become that the human like beings manipulate as their own wishes. The destruction of a livable planet would have the same valence as the destruction of a town in our time.

We could talk about "mobile planets" engine based, handled and built by the human like beings of 2300-2400 years compared to the today's chronology of the human beings. In this manner we could change the distance between the Sun and the Earth or we could transport the Earth in other solar system, near another star. As a result of the travels in space the notion of uniform or regular time would be lost and we could play with the theory of Newton about relativity which in 2300 would be an old compendium of the classical physics.

The notion of World War could be replaced with that of the Intergalactic or Universal War. But how would be with the borders of the Physical Universe ? If the Universe would be unlimited (would have no borders) then we would put the question of knowing better the inside limits. If the Universe would have borders then the Big Bang theory would be confirmed and we would try to pass it's borders. We could make equal the passing through the physical space in non-space with the passing from holospace in the real space. That means that everyone who would try to pass the frontiers of the space would disappear from his physical state. But how can we accept the disappearance of the matter ? If the borders of the Univers would be physical walls then we would try to broke them. What could it be behind the walls? Non-space? How can we define then the space? If only we would study the structure of the material of which the wall is made. This wall would remain the only mystery for our intelligence in the future.

The exploration of the physical world would not mean the understanding of everything that exists. For example in the spiritual world no physical body can penetrate. It is placed in the "under exterior" of the physical world and from the religious theories it seems to be born before Big-Bang.

And the Big-Bang would be only a point from the unphysical Universe governed by God. The next generations will understand this and they will limit their selves at the exploration of the physical space only, of the matter, of the antimaterial, of the underspace, of the physical time, of everything that can be studied with the instruments created by human beings. What can create more difficult problems is the study of physical time and his dependence of the infinite spiritual time.

While the science and the researching of space would developer constantly, the universal economy will appear and develop, then intergalactic trade, change of experience at galactic level would develop, and if there would be a Federation of the Unit Planets or any other organization of this type, then would be a politic between the human like beings living in different solar systems. More and more planets would join the federation and, along the problems regarding the galactic security, there will be possible enemies who came from other temporal or from other "dimension" of the space. In this area we could endless exaggerate. We will talk only about students that will finish their studies in different universitary galactic centers, and many others.

We will know this way huge spaceships, astroships with special purposes, galactic warships, intergalactic stations - how today there are only in films. The life of thinking beings would diversify very much: our holidays would happen at long distances far away from home (e.g.. 2 billions light-years). Of course that it would be the danger of immigration from the part of some beings having got special capabilities of attack just like the emigrations on Earth at the beginning of our medieval history. The physical time would have the biggest effects upon mankind. The time travels and the stability of different manners of traveling through, the changing of the history's course could became usual for the humans. But now, in our times such things happen perhaps in other galaxies or star systems, but we, with the actual technology, are lost in dark, in space, maybe forgotten by the time or undiscovered yet by the intergalactic civilizations.

Dan Mihaiu, 1999


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