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Record nr. 80 29.07.2013 09:06:00
Nume: SB Locatie: Australia
Website: SB Referinta:
Really good glad i found this site!

Record nr. 79 29.07.2013 08:59:00
Nume: Fred Locatie: Australia
Website: Google Referinta: Found using a search engine.
Really cool site you have.

Record nr. 78 09.07.2008 19:54:00
Nume: OwebtetbafTub Locatie: Mexico
Website: Referinta:
have a nice day!

Record nr. 77 15.06.2008 03:58:00
Nume: ronnyjcuuks Locatie:
Website: Referinta:
Hi how it's going :)

Record nr. 76 22.02.2008 13:03:00
Nume: VoincTorpiork Locatie: Germany
Website: Referinta:
Good site.

Record nr. 75 06.05.2006 15:09:00
Nume: hj Locatie:
Website: online backgammon Referinta: From a friend.

Record nr. 74 24.03.2006 01:13:00
Nume: Kelly Locatie: United States
Website: buy ambien Referinta: Directory
Very useful and interesting site, thanks!

Record nr. 73 21.03.2006 16:17:00
Nume: Liz Locatie: Belgium
Website: ambien Referinta: Directory
Very useful and interesting site, thanks!

Record nr. 72 19.03.2006 09:29:00
Nume: Liz Locatie: Spain
Website: laminate flooring Referinta: Directory
Nice site! Many thanks for your work.

Record nr. 71 17.03.2006 15:48:00
Nume: Sharon Locatie: United States
Website: ambien Referinta: Directory
Very useful and interesting site, thanks!

Record nr. 70 16.03.2006 13:08:00
Nume: Kelly Locatie: Canada
Website: phentermine Referinta: Directory
The site is awesome. I love it!

Record nr. 69 05.02.2006 22:39:00
Nume: noiheij Locatie: New York
Website: Referinta:
You have a nice site!

Record nr. 68 16.11.2005 14:33:00
Nume: Shawn Locatie: USA
Website: Books Referinta:
Great site, I love it keep up the good work

Record nr. 67 14.04.2005 22:56:00
Nume: Andrew ch Tommasson Locatie: Acqui Terme Italy Piemont Alexandria district
Website: gazzetta nel monferrato Referinta: Linked from another site.
Hi, you have made a very wonderful site,please if you have some time have a look to ours and sign our guestbook. Ciao, avete fatto un sito davvero bello, per favore, se avete un secondo fate un salto a vedere il nostro e fate un saluto sul nostro guestbook. 45

Record nr. 66 26.03.2005 14:37:00
Nume: Alina Locatie:
Website: Referinta:
It would be nicer for your website if you removed that inaccurate sentence at the bottom of your main page or at least corrected it.Or have you deliberately written it in that way?To the rest, everything is lovely.
Good luck.

Record nr. 65 25.09.2004 12:36:00
Nume: aty Locatie: Romania
Website: Web Organic Referinta: Found using a search engine.
nice structure !!! clean interface

Record nr. 64 07.08.2004 12:45:00
Nume: laura Locatie:
Website: Referinta: From a friend.
Vrei sã faci milioane într-o lunã ? CINE PRICEPE SI CREDE, FACE BANI USOR SI REPEDE.( si legal) . esti interesat/a trebuie decat sa imi trimiti un mail cu titlul "rog Detalii " si iti voi spune mai multe acolo spun ca merita ..!

Record nr. 63 26.06.2004 16:05:00
Nume: Simon Locatie:
Website: Infoweb Referinta:
Cool site, I like the design

Record nr. 62 26.05.2004 13:15:00
Nume: xxx Locatie:
Website: Referinta:
This is a site and a guestbook for dictionaries in romanian language ?
What you think about the romanian online dictionaries from:

Record nr. 61 25.05.2004 05:18:00
Nume: mario lozada Locatie:
Website: Referinta:
it's totally awesome
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