The Exploration of Interplanetary Space

"The French-American mission destined to bring on Earth a some samples from the soil of the planets of Mars don't will begin before the year 2009.

Although the action was announced for the year 2005, currently it speaking of 2011 or just 2014" We are already at 2001. This announce has been published in the newspaper journal of big circulation Romania Libera (Free Romania) from December ,18, 2000. If we read the above-mentioned text siting at of episode from Star Trek series comes us to laugh. The landsmen (earthmen) aren't capable to effect an expedition on the Mars saying "across a month"; we doing from 2000 projects for the 2005 year which they postpone for 2009 again if something don't goes (don't succeed to unblock some funds - namely some numbers) the mission is postponed itself for 2011 or... 2014( Why not, we playing with differences of years proportion!). Must to be too "fools"! Therefore we don't shall can arrive at the planets exploration from the sollar system by simple reasons, for example we can't transfer some funds (numbers from a account at another), for this one must us more times what is measures in years! With a such mode of technological and mentality evolution, we don't will arrive on Pluto than around years 2500 or 2700 (or wherefore can't puts and bigger numbers, for instance 2900... Merely through inability of to manipulate some numbers.

If at the commencement millennium III, when we dispose of longtime of the technology to exploration of the Mars, we don't arrived at the level of to explore a planet which sees with the free eye from the Earth, whereupon we regress from all points of view. How to materialize us the StarTrek movie, for example, at the far future if we must 14 years to organize a mission to 54.3 millions Km (least distance to Mars, but to say approximate 60 of millions km) when we already disposing the technology of touch the third cosmic speed of 16 km/s therefore we can arrive to Mars at 43.4 days therefore at some more of a month! For cca 90-100 of days that is 3 month, must us 14 training years . Hence results how moronic (looking us from out all points of view) are us, the earthmen, that is one what we organize space missions. It still says that these retards, in the present case, are a consequence of a failure of last 2 space probes (spaceship detached from rockets) sended of NASA to Mars at the end of years 1999.

Hence results two things:

- if the failures should be caused of technical errors or “unscientific“ errors, how is the case of spaceship detache which downfallen’ somewhere on the Neptune owing to utilize two units of measure the inch and the meter int the projection of technical parameters of movement, whereupon don't should be needful us 14 years for to "fix-up" a stupid error!

- last space sond has been launched to space at the end of year 1999. Next at 2005 (la 6 years difference!). .It not can realize the obvious progress if we works once at 6 years! If we go with this rate then we will colonize Sollar System at 600 of years! that is when we can don’t live from from sundries consideration (disappearances layers of ozone, general warming of planet, ecologic catastrophes, escape from under control of clonerize or... of nuclear weapons).

The evolution extremely of slow of the research of Solar System "to face place” purely is depend of money; therefore of the numbers it depends the exploration of universe! And still we are thinking to escape from our planet in case of a climatic catastrophe or of another nature.

At 2000 must already to exists the men from Terra to what to laundered on the Mars soil. Certainly, must the funds, that is the numbers what can't be unblocked, recalculated,.. “bored problems” of terrestrial mans (?) (I don't say as it be undeveloped , but the present technology mustn't to stave off the evolution of another technologies else advanced) which have further of 4000 of existence years! Then what to still we speak of the research another civilizations from another stellar systems ! It must as they search us , we aren't capable by reason of a numbers; we sojourn of 2000 of years on Terra and we forget with the eyes upwards, of few hundred of years hither under other forms, with spyglass, telescopes, we forget in various frequency domains different than one from in light (light radiation), we exploit the windows of access ale electric-waves, listen to with radio telescopes, we install them on the peak mounts, we places them on orbits around Earth but we don't dare to go at the face places; we turn around here on the place and we dream at teledispatch (telesend) (engaged) and interstellar flights (Star Trek). We just live only with SF movies.

We have the telescope on orbit (Hubble) but don't dare to launch one with the third cosmic speed. With the second cosmic speed should be able to arrive on the Neptune or Pluto, or to place on of these planets orbit the artificial satellites endowed with research equipments from all scientific domains. Should be easier to regard to look on the sky through a telescope situated on the Pluto or to listen through radio telescope places on the orbit of the Neptune for instance. It not can say as we don't will have the signal from the proximity of Pluto or Caron because already launched the detached spaceship with the third cosmic speed and we are received the signals from proximity of Pluto. Therefore we dispose of the technology. Why are culpable possible extraterrestrials that we aren't capable to allocate some funds (which anyhow it allocates through simple oppressions of buttons).

Dan Mihaiu, 2001

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